Services Provided To Customers with a Disability on Air France Airlines

Are you looking for facilities for disables individuals with Air France Airlines? If yes, on doing Air France Airlines reservations, you are provided some special assistance in case you seek them.

Air France Airlines Reservations

Some of them are explained below:

1.    Wheelchair assistance
You can use many types of wheelchair services that Air France Airlines offers. You are required to pre-book wheelchair services connecting with the Air France airline. At the airport, there will be a representative always available to assist you through the terminal, security and to the gate. You can request this service in “My Trips”section after you have booked your flight. Just make your reservation so that the Air France can have the chairs available at your departure gate.

2.      Sighted assistance
No one has to self-disclose their disability. Air France Airlines official site is always here to assist if you like assistance in boarding, or while making connecting flights. For this assistance, kindly fill out the accessibility service request form in “My Trips” after you have made reservation. Air France requests that the passengers should notify them if they are travelling with a service animal.

3.     Hard of hearing passengers

Passengers who are hard of hearing, at your request, one of the airport representatives are available to assist you at the airport. Fill out the accessibility service request form in “My Trips”and enjoy your journey to the fullest. You can also contact Air France via teletypewriter at their accessibility assistance line.

4.    Speech and communication related disabilities
You can indicate your preference by filling out the request form in “My Trips” if you have speech and communication related disability. Air France Airlines flights service providers are always ready to assist you in communication if you request this service. The Air France airline always aims to provide innovative services to the disabled community. You will receive the excellent services that you expect and also if you need extra assistance at the airport or on your flight, you will get that service quickly. Their team members work hard for you to provide you the best services.

5.  Accessible seating

Travelers with immobile legs or who require the service of aisle chairs, the front seats are given to them. Just let them know which seats will best meet your needs. You can also ask for an extra seat space to ensure your comfort. You can also ask to upgrade your seat to first or business class.

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